Why Zillow’s Zestimates Actually “Zuck” in Idaho

June 3, 2016

I had a buyer recently call me and he asked why one of my listings was listed higher than the Zestimate on Zillow and if my seller would take the Zestimate price. This really made me realize that those who are not Realtors or appraisers probably don’t understand how inaccurate a Zestimate can be in Idaho.

Idaho is a non-disclosure state when it comes to real estate. We don’t share sold information with companies like Zillow or Trulia. The best way to get an accurate market value for your home is to speak to someone who has access to the local MLS because that’s where we keep recent home sale information. So Zillow has to find a different way to gueZZ what the value of your home iZ.

Trusting a Zestimate in Idaho is like going to your neighbor’s house and having him google your symptoms instead of going to the actual doctor. Odds are you are going to be very confused and unhappy with those results.

People are trusting websites a little too much these days, which is completely understandable because everything on the internet is true. Next time you are wanting to know what the value of your home is contact a professional instead of trusting a site that doesn’t have the information needed to give you a true professional opinion. If you don’t hire a pro you may find it hard to get your home Zold.