Tons of Money Review

January 29, 2018

On Friday I traveled to American Falls to watch a play put on by the American Falls Theatre Guild. Tons of Money is currently playing at the Little Theatre. It’s a comedy about a couple who goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they inherit the fortune of Aubrey Allington’s late brother.


I was very impressed with the American Falls Little Theatre. Their operation is run completely by volunteers. None of the actors, stage hands, directors, or anyone else involved in the production are paid for what they do. Everyone in the Guild is there purely because of their love for theater.



The play Tons of Money was extremely entertaining. I loved every second of my experience at the Little Theatre. The people in charge of tickets and snacks were very friendly, I was shown exactly where my seat was, and as soon as I looked at the stage I was very impressed. The set design was great, especially the coat of arms above the fireplace. The show is hilarious and you can tell the actors care about putting on the best show they possibly can.



The Little Theatre is located in American Falls, Idaho. Tons of Money opened on the 26th and will be playing the 27th and 29th of January as well as the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th of February. Tickets are only $7. You can purchase them at the door or you can call 208-339-0830 to reserve your tickets now. More information can be found here on the American Falls Theatre Guild’s Facebook page:



I definitely recommend seeing Tons of Money. Take a trip to American Falls, bring the family, and prepare for a night full of laughter.