Movie Theme Nights

April 6, 2020

During our Governor-ordered stay at home time, it can be challenging to keep kids entertained. Try out these ideas with them this week and let us know what you think! Each night has a movie to watch, a recipe and a game or activity. Happy quarantine!

Theme #1: Ratatouille
  1. Make ratatouille for dinner
  2. Have a blind taste test with random foods. Whoever guesses the most right wins!
  3. Watch a cooking lesson and then learn how to cook a simple recipe together.

Theme #2: Onward
  1. Make manticore tavern drumsticks for dinner:
  2. Play a table-top roleplaying game like DnD or an easy one like Munchkin
  3. Make an wizard staff craft:

Theme #3: Tangled
  1. Make Rapunzel’s hazelnut soup:
  2. Learn how to braid hair and then make a braid bookmark:
  3. Do a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment (older kids)

Theme #4: Up
  1. Play don’t let the balloon touch the ground OR make homemade ping pong paddles with a paper plate and spoon. Use them to hit balloons back and forth.
  2. Make an “Adventure Book” with pictures of all the places you want to visit someday. 
  3. Make Wilderness Explorer Nachos in a Bag:

Theme #5: Moana
  1. Make some Kalua Pork or Mahi Mahi and eat it with tropical fruit:
  2. Make a heart of Te Fiti necklace with beads and shells.
  3. Have a hula hoop contest.

We'd love to see your pictures if you try any of these theme nights! Tag The 208 Group on Instagram or Facebook!