Game Night Movie Review

March 10, 2018

If you’re looking for a movie with lots of laughs, a few tender moments, and some ridiculous (in a good way) action sequences, than Game Night should be the next film you see. I give Game Night 3 out of 5 stars. 


Game Night is about husband and wife Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) and their friends who get together to play games like charades and pictionary. One night though, Max’s brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) decides to host a murder mystery party at his house. As part of the game, Brooks gets kidnapped and the gang has to try and find him. Naturally, things quickly spiral out of control.



The characters in Game Night all have their own unique charm, and this is what helps the movie get away with being so ridiculous. After a particularly goofy or seemingly impossible scene, we often see the characters responding in real, human ways, which helps add a touch of believability to the silliness of the movie.



Game Night does a lot of things really well. It’s jokes are funny, it’s characters are enjoyable, and it’s plot is really fun. It even throws a few unexpected twists at you to keep you on your toes, just like a real mystery movie should. No movie is perfect however, and Game Night is no exception. At its core, Game Night is pretty ridiculous. Everything that happens is a touch over the top. The plot itself seems like something that would never really happen in real life. Also, while most of the jokes are good, not every joke earns as many laughs as they had hoped they would. But hey, it is a movie so naturally it’s a bit far fetched and cheesy.



Game Night is rated R and entered theaters last week on the 23rd of February. I’d recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a good laugh on $5 Tuesdays at the movie theater.