February’s Spotlight: Alex Mosher

February 18, 2018

The 208 Group is starting 2018 off with a bang! With January behind us and numerous goals already accomplished, we are starting February with an idea that we are very excited about.


Starting this month, then each month moving forward, we will be spotlighting an employee within the company! This will allow all of you to get to know each member of The 208 Group on a more personal level.


To get the ball rolling, we will be starting out with one of our video and blogging interns, Alex Mosher.


Alex is a senior at Idaho State University studying multiplatform journalism. She hopes one day to work in reporting, feature writing, T.V news, or radio. Originally from Boise, Alex moved to Pocatello to attend school and start a new journey away from home. She views herself as fun and quirky and gets along with everyone! And not to mention her love for puns and cheesy jokes.


Other than obsessing over her cat Jack and her dog Pippa and the occasional Netflix binge watching session, Alex loves to do anything outdoors. She has a passion for traveling and is eager to experience the world and learn about different cultures.


“I haven’t been to many places….yet,” says Alex. “But I still have plenty of time and a long open road ahead of me.” So far Alex has been to the Dominican Republic and a few states surrounding Idaho. She says she is happy to be apart of the The 208 Group and is eager to continuing being one of our awesome bloggers!



If you ever have any questions for her or blog post ideas you can contact her at moshalex@isu.edu. Whether it’s a simple “Hello!” or a question regarding the blog, Alex would love to talk to you!