Black Panther Movie Review

February 22, 2018

On February 16th Marvel Studios released another superhero blockbuster, this one is said to have broken multiple records, a few before it even hit theaters. Black Panther is the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s definitely one of the best so far. With Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon, it was great to receive such an amazing movie this February. Black Panther gets four out of five stars from me! 


Black Panther gives us a plethora of amazing characters, each one strong in their own way. I felt attached to each one of the main characters, and to the nation of Wakanda itself. It was easy to see that Marvel Studios and those involved in making this movie had done their research into a variety of African cultures. Everything about the film and the societies it showed us seemed real and authentic. Even Wakanda, a hidden African nation with some of the most advanced technology on the planet, seemed real and plausible.



One of the things that Marvel is famous for is its exciting villains, and many say that Black Panther’s Killmonger might be one of the best. Killmonger was definitely a very strong villain with a super cool backstory and a personality that was intriguing to see on screen. Watching him formulate and execute his plan were some of my favorite scenes in the movie!


All in all, Black Panther was a movie with a story and characters that were just as exciting as all it’s action sequences. The beginning of the movie takes what seems like a bit too much time to introduce us to Wakanda and the characters that inhabit it, but the slower pace quickly pays off because it allows us to establish even stronger relationships with the characters. Black Panther is rated PG-13 and is in theaters now. I definitely recommend seeing it as soon as you can!